Hackerspace Los Angeles Membership

[We don’t have a physical location yet.  We are transitioning from the meetup format to an actual entity that will be operation gin the SFV.   (https://www.meetup.com/Los-Angeles-Hackerspace/)]

Even though we are a 501c3 Non profit organization, we use a membership model to provide some the income needed to operate and fund the projects and events we undertake.  All Six months and yearly membership fees are tax deductible*.

Membership offers people the chance to have 24/7 access to the Hackerspace Los Angeles facilities. Members will receive discounts on all classes, have the ability to store their projects in on-site lockers and be allowed to come relax with other members at Hackerspace Los Angeles. Membership allows people who do not have the tools, space or support to come anytime and be involved in an active community of innovators.

No formal qualifications are necessary, beyond a mandatory liability waiver and payment of membership.


There are three classes of memberships:

KEY HOLDER Grants member the use of the facilities and all the equipment on a 24/7 basis. $????*
REGULAR Grants member the use of the facilities and all the equipment during business hours or when a Key Holder member is present. $????*
COMMUNITY  Discounted REGULAR membership for Active and Retired armed forces personnel as well as persons going trough a harsh economic period. $????*

Membership Benefits

This is are some of the most common benefits our members have with their membership. For a full list check out our FAQ.

  • Access to the Hackerspace LA shop when a key holder is present.
  • Free Classes.
  • 10% Discount on Classes that have material feels.
  • Free Admission to most paid events.
  • Discounts to local Electronic stores in the San Fernando Valley

HackerspaceLA_Logo_Twitter* All Six months and yearly membership fees are tax deductible IRS Publication 1771