Hackerspace LA Projects

Hackerspace Los Angeles will be involved in the community by sponsoring various free to attend workshops and talks that community members may be interested in.


  • Classes on current technologies free of charge to community
  • Build a 3D printer
  • Build a Quad Copter
  • Create makerspaces inside local libraries and schools
  • Hitchhiking Robot
  • Stratosphere Observation Lab
  • Wikipedia San Fernando Valley’s PPOI


  • Produce/Sponsor TED conferences
  • Hackathons
  • Cyber Security events
  • Arduino workshops
  • Android and iOS courses
  • Webmaster workshops
  • Educational movie nights
  • OSGeo Workshops
  • Linux workshops
  • User groups meetings
  • FOSS Bootcamps
  • Art and music workshops
  • Music festivals
  • Art galleries
  • App and game challenges