Handiwork thrives at Port City Makerspace via seacoastonline.com

PORTSMOUTH — For some people, being handy around the house means writing checks to pay the plumber, mechanic or woodworker. Their idea of a toolbox is the hammer, monkey wrench and two screwdrivers in the kitchen junk drawer along with assorted coffee filters, rubber bands, tape, ribbon and God knows what else.

Others are more willing to let their inner handiworker come through, but their access to tools and a place to use them is limited, which is where Port City Makerspace comes into the picture. Makerspace is a community workshop in a low-slung white building along Morning Street in the city’s West End. Its members pay a monthly fee to not only use the space and its tools, but to borrow on each other’s handiwork expertise.

“The shop itself is kind of a collaborate project,” said Alex Nunn, general manager at Makerspace. “It’s the community that really develops the space.”

An interesting link found among my daily reading


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