What Exactly is a Maker? Chicago Maker Leaders Weigh In via Chicago Inno

Just what is a maker? Names always have a variety of definitions in any community and the makerspace community is no different. How do you define the term? Do you call yourself a “maker” or something else? Does it matter? — Douglas
What Exactly is a Maker? Chicago Maker Leaders Weigh In via Chicago Inno
While working on a story on the rise of Chicago’s maker-entrepreneurs, I found the community has a love-hate relationship with “maker.”
Some wanted to distance themselves from the term, identifying more with more specific titles such as architect or designer or woodworker. Others see making and makers as more of a systemic approach to creating than an occupation or hobby.
The term maker has become synonymous with the larger Maker Movement, in which the DIY community branched into tech-enabled tinkering with tools such as 3D printers and Arduino kits. While maker spaces for tinkerers are still going strong, over time, the resources and technology for making have expanded to include software tools (such as CAD software), resources for business development (such as Kickstarter) and digital manufacturing, which has opened up the idea of a maker beyond just a hobbyist or tinkerer.

So in this new work of making, what makes a maker a maker? When does a maker graduate to maker pro? What constitutes a makerspace?



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