Coding: WoofJS provides next coding step beyond Scratch via Steven Krouse

Coding: WoofJS provides next coding step beyond Scratch via Steven Krouse

I saw this detailed blog post from Steve Krouse in my feeds the other day and was quite impressed with it. His students presented him with a problem and he set out to solve it.

Woofjs pen

Showing correlation between Scratch and WoofJS commands

‘“I’m done with Scratch,” my students tell me. “Now what?” I’ve been trying to answer this question for the past two years: what’s the programming language to learn after Scratch?”‘

He goes into a lot of detail about his needs in this new language and how it needed to bridge the gap from Scratch in a variety of ways.


It is my pleasure to announce WoofJS v1.0.0. At long-last, Woof is my answer to the question, “What comes after Scratch?”

It meets our requirements:

Motivation. Like Scratch, Woof’s lends itself incredibly well to games and animations, which are highly motivating.

Shareable. Built for the web, Woof works seamlessly in all browsers, mobile and desktop, full-screen and fixed-screen. You can even bookmark your game on your home-screen like an app.

And it does one better: Woof closely mimics Scratch.

I decide to put WoofJS through some paces just to see how well it addressed his goals and how easy it was for me — barely a Javascript beginner — to create something quickly. I was quite impressed. With just a few lines of code i was able to produce something similar to a Scratch animation in just 5-10 lines of code AND — even more importantly, the results had much the same immediate gratification as programming in Scratch. Very cool!

I will be watching WoofJS to see how it grows and what types of curriculum are developed for it. It will be very interesting to see where WoofJS goes and how it might be integrated into beginner/intermediate coding programs.

Start experimenting with WoofJS with examples and code from Git

Woofjs sprite

Woofjs move


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