Noted: 5 Ways to Find Time for Making via Make

I know that I often struggle with finding the time to work on my own pet projects. Life always pushes out the “non-essential” things we want to do and often that which brings us the most happiness. In an effort to help you pursue  your own projects, Make offers up these 5 hints on how to carve out time to work on your next great idea. Check it out!

5 Ways to Find Time for Making

5 Ways to Find Time for Making

Whenever I speak to someone who is not part of the maker community and share various projects that I am working on, I usually get the same melancholy reply, “I wish I had the time to do stuff like that.” At first, it made me feel somewhat privileged to be able to do something on a semi-regular basis that I’m so passionate about, but after hearing this continuously for the past year, my feelings on the matter are quite different.

At first, it genuinely appeared that people are just insanely busy. And while there is a degree of truth to that, I came to understand that the reality of the situation is really quite different.

What I discovered is that those people didn’t really want to build or make things… yet. When we are passionate about something, we make the time to do it. Some of the busiest people I have met are makers who have full-time jobs that involve something other than making. No one gives us extra time to make and do the things that we are passionate about — we create opportunities, find the funds, and turn those aspirations into a reality.

Read the entire article – 5 Ways to Find Time for Making


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