Reclaim Electronic Components

Hackerspace LA Meetup – March 30, 2016

 Reclaim Electronic Components

 Old electronic devices have many useful parts and components that can be used in your projects or recycled into new devices. From the power supply down to the nuts and bolts of your old electronic device have a second life in the hands of curios and ingenious people like ourselves.  This workshop will show how you can reclaim parts and components to use in other projects.

The tools you may need will vary depending on the device you are trying to disassemble and what elements you want to recover. This is a basic list of tools you may keep handy if you are planning to take a part an electronic device to scavenge parts for later use:

Basic Toolkit:

  • Gloves
  • Screwdrivers (flat and Philips of various sizes)
  • Tweezers
  • Knife/blade
  • Cutting pliers (diagonal cutting pliers work best)
  • Soldering iron

I like to take apart anything with LED displays like alarm clocks.  My favorite thing to take apart is a printer.  There are so many components, gears, and motors that you can use in other projects.  PC fans make great air filters, mother boards can become jewelry, hard drive platters beautifully turn into clocks. Power supplies, the magnets are also very useful and cd drives magically become homemade secret safes and roulette wheels!

So, think long and hard next time you find yourself thinking about throwing away a computer or any electronic device, and instead, take it apart and make one of the amazing projects below.


How to identify your salvaged components:

Computer Recycling and Repurposing:


Computer Parts Repurposed in Amazing Ways:

Photocopier Extreme Teardown:


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